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Rose Quartz and Amethyst Mala

Product Description
Rose quartz and amethyst are two of the most powerful stones, and a valuable part of many spirit-seekers' collections.

Amethyst aids in opening the Crown Chakra, bringing peace during times of stress and a sense of spiritual connection. When you need clarity and focus, this is the stone to choose.

Rose quartz is perhaps the most popular Heart Chakra stone and is known for its powerful healing properties. Its gentle energy brings a peaceful feeling of unconditional love, for others and for yourself. Use it for all ills of the heart and to help work through difficult, deep-seated emotions.

These stones are both in the quartz family and work together wonderfully. Rose quartz nourishes the heart while amethyst nourishes the spirit.

Accented with an Om charm.
Price:   $24.99