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Perfection of Morality Wrap Bracelet

Product Description

To become a Buddha, a Bodhisattva has to practice Six Perfections:

  1. the perfection of giving (dana paramita)
  2. the perfection of morality (shila-paramita)
  3. the perfection of patience (kshanti-paramita)
  4. the perfection of energy (virya-paramita)
  5. the perfection of meditation (dhyana-paramita)
  6. the perfection of wisdom (prajna-paramira)

The Six Perfections describe the true nature of an enlightened being, which, in Mahayana practice, is to say they are our own true Buddha-nature.

Perfection of Morality

This paramita is the enlightened quality of virtuous and ethical behavior, morality, self-discipline, impeccability, personal integrity, honor, and harmlessness. The essence of this paramita is that through our love and compassion we do not harm others; we are virtuous and harmless in our thoughts, speech and actions. This practice of ethical conduct is the very foundation for progressing in any practice of meditation and for attaining all higher realizations on the path.

Length: 13 inches (3 holes for different hand sizes)
Leather Cord
Natural Stones
100% New and Exquisite Quality

Price:   $17.99