Perfection of Energy Wrap Bracelet


To become a Buddha, a Bodhisattva has to practice Six Perfections:

  1. the perfection of giving (dana paramita)
  2. the perfection of morality (shila-paramita)
  3. the perfection of patience (kshanti-paramita)
  4. the perfection of energy (virya-paramita)
  5. the perfection of meditation (dhyana-paramita)
  6. the perfection of wisdom (prajna-paramira)

The Six Perfections describe the true nature of an enlightened being, which, in Mahayana practice, is to say they are our own true Buddha-nature.

Perfection of Energy

This paramita is the enlightened quality of energy, vigour, vitality, endurance, diligence, enthusiasm, continuous, persistent effort. In order to practice the first three paramitas of generosity, virtuous conduct, and patience in the face of difficulties, we need this paramita of effort and perseverance. Persistent effort makes the previous paramitas increase and become even more powerful influences in our life. The essence of this paramita of effort is the courage, energy, and endurance to continuously practice the Dharma and pursue the supreme goal of enlightenment for the highest good of all beings.

Length: 13 inches (3 holes for different hand sizes)
Leather Cord
Natural Stones
100% New and Exquisite Quality