Mindyana Gift Card


Want to give a gift to that special meditation practitioner or spiritual seeker in your life, but don't have time to wait for an order to ship? Or maybe you aren't sure which of our items would be perfect for them? We offer digital gift cards to help you out! Simply purchase and within minutes you'll receive a code to pass along to the recipient.

About gift cards:

  • Never expire.
  • Balance applies to both the product cost and to shipping and taxes.
  • Can be reused as long as there's still a balance on the card.
  • Cannot be reloaded.
  • Our discount codes do not apply to gift card purchases.
  • Recipients can use gift cards in conjunction with a discount code when paying.
  • We recommend that you have the gift card sent to your email address. This prevents confusion, and gives you a record of your purchase. However, if you wish you can have the gift card sent directly to the recipient by entering their email address instead of yours when you place your order.