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Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz Heart Chakra Mala

Product Description
The sign of a balanced Heart Chakra is a healthy love for oneself and others, and feeling connected to the world around us. It is the chakra of relationships, trust, compassion, and forgiveness.

Rose quartz is often the first stone that comes to mind when thinking of the heart chakra, and is a classic remedy for problems in this area. It enhances self-worth, balances the emotions, helps kindle reconciliation, eliminates negativity, and brings peace.

Green aventurine is another heart chakra stone, primarily known for bringing luck and success. A little like rose quartz, it also soothes negativity and helps the user work through emotional difficulties. One of its most unique properties is that it aids with attracting love later in life.

Used together, these two crystals will help you create your own luck in your relationship with others and with yourself. This mala is the perfect gift for someone on a romantic journey who could use a gentle nudge of positivity and serendipity.
Price:   $24.99