Healing Ambassador Affiliate Program FAQ & Terms

Help us spread our jewelry to others who will love it and benefit from it! Through our Ambassador Program, you can earn money for sharing our products and promoting the power of malas, gemstones, and meditation. You can join whether you're a happy customer who loves our products or a blogger or other influencer in the meditation, yoga, and wellness space. No commitment  - you can make this program work for you.



How do I sign up?

Link to the sign up page can be found here.

How will I get paid?

We will send a PayPal payment to the email address you use to sign up. Payment is made after 30 days. PayPal fees are the responsibility of the affiliate. The payout is cancelled if the customer cancels their order before shipment, or if a gift card purchase is refunded within 30 days.

Do I need to pay anything?

We don't charge affiliates any sort of fee for being in the program.

How do I earn commissions?

When you sign up, you'll be given a special link with your unique code. You can give this link to your friends and followers, post it on social media, place it in a blog post or other web content, or create an ad with your link. Be sure to read the terms below to understand the kinds of promotion that we do and don't allow, and let us know if you have any questions.

Do I need to have a blog or website to participate?

No! You can simply share your link privately with friends if you'd like or on your personal social media accounts.

I have an idea for a campaign. Will you send me some free products to help me promote?

We are open to hearing your idea and possibly finding some way to support your efforts with free or discounted products! Please contact us with a short proposal describing what you have in mind and we can discuss from there. Hint: we'll be better able to justify your idea to our boss if you've already showed that you can refer a couple sales to us.

I still have questions!

Contact us here.


Program Terms

1. We are offering a 25% commission as an introductory rate good through May 15, 2019. After that time, we may change the rate. Commission does not apply to shipping fees.

2. Payment will be made after 30 days to the PayPal account connected to the email you used when you signed up. Look for a payment from Summer Storm Ventures, LLC.

3. The payout is cancelled if the customer cancels their order before shipment, or if a gift card purchase is refunded within 30 days.

4. We may end your participation in the program if an above average number of your referrals request refunds or initiate payment disputes, regardless of when the refund occurs.

5. You only get credit for a person's first purchase through your link. They must make their purchase within three months of clicking your link.

6. You cannot use your link for your own purchases.

7. You may use any of the photos on our product pages, or promotional graphics we use in social media or on our email list. We advise that you check with us before using any non-product photos on our site that are not specific to Mindyana. These may be stock photos for which we do not have permission to transfer the license to you. Basically, make sure it's on a page with an "add to cart" button or includes a logo or information about one of our promotions. See the examples below.


OK to Use  Not OK

8. You cannot use search engine advertising (such as the Google Ads search or shopping programs or ads that appear on the Bing search network) to promote your affiliate link. This drives up our own advertising costs and we take this very seriously. You may use the Google Display Network, ads on YouTube, Bing Display Network ads, Facebook Ads, and all other ads that do not appear on a search engine result page. You may use search advertising to drive traffic to your own website or a page that contains your link on that page.

9. We reserve the right to end your participation if you engage in behavior that we deem damaging to our brand. If you have doubts about something, please do ask ahead of time.

10. Regarding the program as a whole beyond individuals, we reserve the right to restrict participation or end the program completely with two weeks' notice to affiliates.

If the issue is minor we will try to work with you, but any violations of the terms above will potentially subject your account to an immediate ban from the program and cancellation of all unpaid commissions. Please do communicate with us ahead of time if you're in doubt about something.