Join the Mindyana Healing Ambassador Affiliate Program

Help us spread our jewelry to others who will love it and benefit from it! Through our Ambassador Program, you can earn money for sharing our products and promoting the power of malas, gemstones, and meditation. Right now, we're offering an introductory rate of 25%, making our commissions among the most generous in the industry. We're serious about bringing more peace, beauty, and positive energy to the world!

You can join whether you're a happy customer who loves our products or a blogger or other influencer in the meditation, yoga, and wellness space. No commitment  - you can make this program work for you.

Here's what you get when you join:

  • 25% commission on the first sale of customers you refer to us
  • Access to special time-sensitive promotions that you can share with others or use for yourself

You'll want to sign up and get started soon, because the 25% commission is an introductory rate that will end on May 15, 2019. After that, the rate will go to 20%.

It's easy to sign up and to participate: you can be enrolled and ready to go immediately. If you share your special link with someone who ends up making a sale, we'll send your commissions to the PayPal account connected to the email you sign up with. Learn more details here.

Unfortunately, we're unable to ship to countries in the European Union at this time. If your audience is primarily in the EU, we are probably not a good fit.

By signing up at the link above, you are agreeing to the program terms.


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