Perfection of Wisdom Wrap Bracelet


To become a Buddha, a Bodhisattva has to practice Six Perfections. The Six Perfections describe the true nature of an enlightened being, which, in Mahayana practice, is to say they are our own true Buddha-nature.

Perfection of Wisdom

This paramita is the enlightened quality of transcendental wisdom, insight, and the perfection of understanding. The essence of this paramita is the supreme wisdom, the highest understanding that living beings can attain – beyond words and completely free from the limitation of mere ideas, concepts, or intellectual knowledge. Beyond the limited confines of intellectual and conceptual states of mind, we experience the awakened heart-mind of wisdom and compassion – prajna paramita. Prajna paramita is the supreme wisdom (prajna) that knows emptiness (shunyata) and the interconnectedness of all things. This flawless wisdom eliminates all false and distorted views of the absolute. We see the essential nature of reality with utmost clarity; our perception goes beyond the illusive and deceptive veils of material existence.

Length: 13 inches (3 holes for different hand sizes)
Natural Stones
100% New and Exquisite Quality