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Buddhist Amethyst Mala Bracelet

Product Description
Promote Calm And Clarity In Your Everyday Chaos!

One of the most spiritual stones, amethyst enhances intuition, spirituality, and meditation. It helps develop a deeper understanding of life.
Amethyst is extremely protective and neutralizes negative energy, calms the mind and spirit. It facilitates decision making, balances emotional highs and lows.
Soothing and calming to the mind, it helps disperse migraines. It enhances memory and improves motivation; helps dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Can aid with addictive or compulsive behavior.

Amethyst is cleansing, both physically and psychologically. It promotes internal balance and harmony and brings stability to the individual. It is a stone of pure, true, emotional love.

The virtues of amethyst include beauty, calm, fulfillment, humility, a loving demeanor, perfection, piety, sincerity, spiritual balance, tranquility and wisdom. Amethyst is often worn during contemplation or placed on simple meditation altars.

108 Beads
Bead size: 6mm

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